I find writing therapeutic ~ I don’t know where I’m going until I’m finished ~ I hope that anyone who reads what I have written ~ will benefit from the therapeutic effect too!

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Answers – A Poem

I looked for answers in the wind To hear the voice of God I listened to the silent breeze But I heard nothing at all. I listened closely to the sound Of the wild and violent storm But I couldn’t hear the voice of God Just the sound of the wind, that’s all. So IContinue reading “Answers – A Poem”

Pain & Love – A Poem

Pain ~ that old familiar saying It twists like a knife in your heart No point in trying to be more profound Someone has put it well, you can’t put it better than that.   II Pain ~ for emptiness and loneliness Pain ~ for unrequited love Not the love for a lover ~ butContinue reading “Pain & Love – A Poem”

Revelation – A Poem

What’s this desire for information…? Is my need communication…? That I reach for plastic devices The eternal lure entices. Have I just fallen prey To a new addiction in a brand new day. Another to add to a list Alcoholics, anorexics, gamblers, sexaholics… What one’s this? 2 Oh yes I know, I could do aContinue reading “Revelation – A Poem”

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