Revelation – A Poem

Always connected…..
What’s this desire for information...?
Is my need communication…?
That I reach for plastic devices
The eternal lure entices.
Have I just fallen prey
To a new addiction in a brand new day.
Another to add to a list
Alcoholics, anorexics, gamblers, sexaholics…
What one’s this?


Oh yes I know, I could do a search
And find the key of satisfaction
And the information I am lacking.
Or is this obsession something else…?
To have my finger on the pulse…?
Afraid I will be left behind
While others progress to the promised land.
And they would be like….in the know
While I would be like….well you know
Some loser who got off the merry-go-round
To get my feet on solid ground.
But I fear it is a terrible addiction
Less a blessing more affliction
So I will ponder on this brand new day
How to find a better way.


I’m really looking to be connected
To a beneficial source of life
While not unknowingly being infected
By an insidious lethal lie.
The thought of being folly’s daughter
A fool led to the slaughter
Is a fate I really must avoid
Find another way to fill the void.


I know there’s one who communicated
Words of life that are underrated
Dismissed, denied and even hated
But cannot be obliterated!
There is history of great intrigue
Things unknown, now revealed
Warnings, decisions to take heed
Wisdom high and wisdom deep
Poetry beyond mere mortal expression
I’m just a creature, that’s my confession
There is nothing like this that I could say
Such beauty and wisdom take your breath away.
Words that search the hearts of beings
Reveal deceit that no one’s seeing.
Prophecies, oh numerous, what a thought
Already fulfilled, that we forgot.
And prophecies yet to unfold
I believe what he has told.

There is something stirring deep within
Beyond this crazy world we’re in
Lifting my eyes to hills once again
The answer’s not blowing in the wind.
It’s the promise of a bright new day
Frustration wails while we wait
We fall with birth pains on our knees
And groan for all to be revealed.
One day I’m sure he will return
You call me a fool but my heart burns
For that day of redemption complete
And in the air we will meet.
One thing grieves me, I am concerned
Will he find faith when he returns?
Just now I’ll lift his cup up to my head
Read his words, my daily bread.
It doesn’t matter if I live or die
It matters if I believe a lie
Will I be here when he comes, I just don’t know
It doesn’t matter,  death’s just a door……….

Published by Martha M

I like writing and I hope anyone reading benefits from and enjoys my musings. Writing is the medium I use best - to work through my thoughts on a variety of things.

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