Answers – A Poem

I looked for answers in the wind
To hear the voice of God
I listened to the silent breeze
But I heard nothing at all.
I listened closely to the sound 
Of the wild and violent storm
But I couldn't hear the voice of God
Just the sound of the wind, that's all.

So I looked deep within myself
Did a Freudian excavation 
I left no stone unturned
In the deep murky waters I waded.
Bravely I woke the sleeping dragon
And asked him many questions
But I am sure he told me lies
And his answers I surely question.

Some say leave troubled waters be
Don't stir the slimy depths
But I wanted to see what I could see
And stirred some things long dead.
And in the stagnant pool I see
The ghosts and ghouls of pain and fear
Writhing and swirling in vicious confusion
No, there are no answers here. 

So I took a book upon my knee
The Word of God, and I believed.
Sometimes there seemed some joy perceived
But often words accused me.
So I put it back upon the shelf
With the gold edged side on show
I still don't have the answers
If you ask me, I don't know.

Can I live without the answers?
Yes some, like everyone else
And I like the different categories
Of knowledge, truth and mystery.
But my mystery volume is just too big
I flip it again disrespectfully 
I look at my miserable truth journal
I'm not impressed, so how could you be?

But one thing I will ...(not finished yet.  I need to finish later.  I have to make the dinner, do the ironing, and tidy up)


Published by Martha M

I like writing and I hope anyone reading benefits from and enjoys my musings. Writing is the medium I use best - to work through my thoughts on a variety of things.

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